Bird Nuisance



Birds have been a common nuisance problem for both residential home owners and business and commercial operations. Sparrows, pigeons, Starlings, Grackles, and other bird species often use homes and structures for roosting sites. And can leave some very harmful droppings behind and a big mess. Droppings and nesting material are known to contain mites and parasites. And birds have been known to carry up to forty different diseases that are cause for health concerns.

Here at Scioto Valley Pest and Wildlife Control we can provide you with the solution for your bird problems with a wide variety of exclusion, netting, sealing, control methods to solve your problem. Whether it is a residential home, shed, barn, commercial building, billboard signs, or factory or other! From boxing in eves, screening vents, installing netting, chimney caps, garage door sweeps, fleet departments, you name it!

We do not recommend or stand behind deterrent devices like fake owls, hawks, sprays, gels or sound devices. We have found these to have limited success. We are out to provide our customers with long term solutions to their nuisance bird problems.

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call. We use a wide variety of tools to solve bird problems and will be happy to work with you!

We also provide complete clean up of nesting material and droppings if needed.

Bird Nuisance Examples

Pipes not sealed off going into a commercial building. Birds had build nest inside the wall of the building. One nest that had been built up over time was four feet deep and six feet wide!

Bird nest inside a power buss connection box, you can see nesting material protruding out the bottom hole.

This series of pictures (below) shows some netting installed in a truck fleet garage. The birds (Sparrows) we entering the walls threw a gap between the sheet metal on the walls and the ceiling. Sparrows were picking the insulation off the pipes and building nests in the walls. The netting was installed from the ceiling down 24” onto the sheet metal walls to prevent the birds from entering. The nesting material was cleaned out and the pipes re-taped.


Baby birds and nest just under the roof sheeting and above the gutters. Slots were cut to install guttering on the building and gave the birds direct access to perfect nesting areas inside the walls.

These pictures below show the loose screen over the roof vents. The birds started nesting in the louvers and over time shoved the screen out and accessed the attic. A large pile of nesting material on the attic floor shows signs of several years of nesting inside the attic. This same area also allowed Bats to enter the attic and ended up in the living space of the home. There is also a large gap between the chimney brick and the walls. This home also got excluded for bats and birds and a complete seal up, with a clean out.